Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I know what you did last decade

So I received email from Paula yesterday. We met twice over the last few weeks while she was visiting Uruguay for New Year's and we keep in touch regularly anyway, so that was no surprise. When she mentioned she had been trying (successfully) to locate our 1994 Drama Workshop buddy Bjorn, an Oslo native (prompted by a conversation with Karen, also a member of the gang), and added "mirá lo q me mandó (vas a flashear!)" followed by what looked like Bjorn's myspace url, I thought what's the big deal: Bjorn always was artistically restless; less talented people have myspace sites.

Well flashear was an understatement. Not only did I flashear but also pirar and flipar. Look at the default still frame for this video:

Yes my moving image of 1994 (maybe 1995) coming back in the shape of a music video. I have very little material from that period by way of photos (and no videos whatsoever) so I was thrilled with the discovery. I can't seem to remember that filmshot: most likely, I was passing by and was asked to participate.

Ego trips aside, I enjoyed Bjorn's rendition of the song - and I'm not saying this just because he is one of Bjork's 35606 friends :)  I also think Montevideo looks far prettier and more urban here than it would if you tried to remake this, but maybe that's just me. Judge for yourself:

Credit where credit's due: "Falling" performed by Bjorn Bakland, lyrics and music by Vega Lind.